2019 New Model Two-Passenger Rickshaw with Roof

Whole Size
Loading Capacity
2 passengers and 1 driver
Max 35 km/h
Angle 15 degree
48v 600w to 900w BLDC motor
18 mosfet tube controller
dia37mm front shock absorber and rear leaf spring

Two seaters’ Electric Tricycle  SERVICES

1. Market and Technical support email within 24 hours

2. You can order your own configuration

A:motor B:controller C:battery

D:charger E:tricycle wheel size F: leaf spring G:logo H: Headlights I: Speedometer

3. One and a half years warranty for brand motor and battery.

4. 3 years warranty for electric auto rickshaw frame (chassis).

5. We have excellent after-sale services & spare parts supply. We will give you a CD to show you how to assemble electric tricycle. If any unclear, you can also contact us. And free 2%- 5% easily damaged parts for motorized electric three wheeler tricycle.

Factory introduction
Xianghe Qiangsheng electric tricycle factory established in 2006,located

in Xianghe country Langfang city. We have gained CCC certification and CE


High Quality:We have two excellent skills,electrophoresis paint and tricycels with a

automobile frame,which help us produce high quality battery rickshaws.

Supply Ability:We can produce 500 sets per day,so we can promise largely and timely supply.

International Market:Till April 2013 we has alreadybuild stable supply Chain in Asia, MiddleEast

Asian, Africa, South America, Australia, Europe and India.

professional R&D Team

Qiangsheng has an experienced R&D team, we can scheduled develop the

model and technology to Keep Up With the Times.

If you are interested in any of the battery rickshaws ,please contact us

and we will do our best to meet your requirments .Thank you !

Electric auto rickshaw 48v 4000w lithium battery operated


Model name: QSD-JOY 1+3
Motor type: DC brushless
Power (watt) ,,,(:brushless) 48V/4000W
Charge Voltage: 220V,50HZ
Charging time 4hours
Transmission mode: SHAFT
Top Speed (km/h) : 50km/h
Continued trip mileage: ≤200km
climbing ability ≤20degree
Front wheel size: 4.00-10
Rear Wheel Size: 4.50-10
Brake type: double rear drum brake
Ground Clearence : 250mm
Dimension: 3150*1350*1650mm
N.W : 380kg
Max load capacity: ≤500kg
No of passanger (including Driver): 4persons
Battery brand and model: 120ah
Battery Quantity: 1pcs
Container QTY 15pcs/20’GP, 35pcs/40’HQ




1).eco friendly and no pollution

2).cost-effective(it is more cost-effective than the fuel tricycles.)

3).fashion and beautiful looking

4). lightweight and easy to operate, even the teenagers and old man can ride it.

5).the electric tricycle is the new trend in the transportation

6).it has many functions, which can be used for cargo and the passengers.

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Xianghe Qiang Sheng electric tricycle manufacturing factory is founded in 2005, located in Xianghe(BeijingTianjin corridor). It is a professional enterprise that specializing in electric tricycle R & D, production, sales, trading and spare parts service. The factory covers an area of 42,000 square meters, The company owns the most advanced production line and detection equipments, go with that, there are professional welding workshops, machining workshops, electrophoresis painting workshops and assembly workshops. It is estimated that by 2015, Qiangsheng will become a leading enterprise in this industry with annual production up to 500,000 in order to meet the needs of different consumer from all over the world.

Packing and shipping:  1500W power electric tricycle/ auto rickshaw/ auto bajaj China supply


1. Why are we trustworthy? Why should you choose us?

Motor is DT Brand water proof brushless motor, which is much more quiet than other brand motors. Controller is DT Brand; They are from the same manufacturer, so they can make full use of the performance.

Battery is CX Brand battery 12v 120ah, top class quality battery. We have warranty for 18 months(Life time: 500-600 cycles).

Full aluminum shock absorber is more comfortable for drivers.

Body and chassis material from Shougang Group, tube wall thickness is 2.0mm, high accuracy WEDM technology no offset, which can ensure strong body and solid chassis.

Product warranty: battery and motor:18 months; body and chassis:3 year

2. What’s paymet terms?

40% advance payment, 60% balance paid before loading container.

3. What’s MOQ?

17 pcs Packing: CKD Quantity: 17 PCS/20’GP,40 PCS /40’HQ

4. How check the quality of electric tricycle?

square tubes steel not triangle for the carriage beams

chassis steel thickness average over 2.00 mm

motor and controller brand: DT

rear axle brand: DT

tyre brand: DONG YUE

5. Delivery time?

15-20 days after received buyers’ advance payment.


Welcome to visit our factory and negotiate

Come on! Don’t hesitate and send your requirements to us. Thanks for your time

OEM is accepted, we have enough self-confidence in our electric tricycle for adults made in China

2019 QS-school bus safe and cheap 3 wheel motorcycle in philippines

electric tricycle

2019 QS-school bus   safe and cheap 3 wheel motorcycle in philippines

3  wheel  Product  Description

Electric electric tricycle for passenger——in Blue Color

Product technical specification—-electric tricycle in Pakistan

Model number: QS-AS6
Motor type: DC series excitation brushless
Power (watt): 60V/1000W—3000W
Charge Voltage: 220V, 50HZ
Charging time 6-8hours
Transmission mode: Shaft/Gear
Top Speed (km/h) : ≤40km/h
Once Charging Mileage: ≤120km
Climbing Ability ≤35degree
Front wheel size: 4.00-12
Rear Wheel Size: 4.00-12
Brake type: double rear drum brake
Ground Clearance : 250mm
Dimension: 3500*1200*1900mm
Net weight: 600kg (including battery)
Max load capacity: 800kg
No of passanger : 1-6 persons
Battery brand and model: 12v 120ah lead acid battery
Battery Quantity: 5pcs
Container QTY 11sets/20’GP, 27sets/40’HQ
Spare wheel Yes

Company Information

Qiangsheng Group is founded in 2005, located in Xianghe, Langfang, Hebei, China. It is a professional manufacturer which specializing in electric tricycle R&D, production, sales , trading and spare parts service.

Our factory covers an area of 80,000 square meters, owns the most advanced production line and detection equipment, professional welding workshops, machining workshops, electrophoresis painting workshops and assembly workshops.

Our electric tricycle have been awarded numbers of patents about: Double rear axle, Multifunctional shed, Gearbox, Electric insulation box, Movable seat, Folding seat, etc. We are awarded Chinese famous brand, consumers trust products, CCTV Brand as well. We have built stable supplying relationship in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East Asia, Africa, South America, etc.

For our products Production, we keep high standard from beginning.

Raw Material Choosing
We choose reliable raw material brands as our long term cooperation partner. Every batch of raw material will be inspected randomly before delivered into our warehouse. Once the off-test material been tested, the whole batch will be returned back to supplier. The steel grade we use for our electric is Q195 and SPCCH. Thickness of the electric tricycle body steel is 1.8mm–2.0 mm.

Cutting and Punching
A high uniform performance can be assured by our laser cutting, hydraulic punching&CNC tube cutting machines.
Every cutting is controlled by computer and carried out by our laser cutting machine and CNC tube cutting with a strict cutting tolerance. Hydraulic punching machine gives a long time forming tolerance of parts.

Robot Welding
Robot welding is used for the main body of our electric tricycle, which assures a long life span of the steel body and enlarge the safety of the users.

Electroplating and Painting
In 2011, Qiangsheng invested over RMB2,000,000 on cathode electrophoresis paint assembly line, which is widely used in automobile industry. All the paint used for the manufacturing are all top-classed paint without pollution, no smell, and no peeling. It helps a lot on Reducing the corrosion-specific repair and maintenance cost & reducing the wear and tear.

Innovation & Professional R&D department
New models e rickshaw give customers new choices and inject vigor for the market. We have 20 R&D staffs for domestic and abroad market. Each month we develop around 2 new models for customers.

CCC & CE Certificate Approved




e rickshaw


e rickshaw
auto rickshaw


Motor type: Brushless Direct Current Motor
Power (watt) : 48V/800W  QSD brand motor
Controller: 24 tube QSD brand controller
Charge Voltage: 220V,50HZ
Charging time 6-10 hours
Transmission mode: Differential
Top Speed (km/h) : ≤40 km/h
Continued trip mileage: ≤70 km
Climbing ability ≤20 degree
Foldable roof included
Front Wheel Size 350-12
Rear Wheel Size: 350-12
Brake type: double rear drum brake
Ground Clearance : 250 mm
Dimension: 2800*1000*2800 mm
N.W : 210 KG
Max load capacity: ≤400 kg
No of passenger (including driver): 4 persons
Battery type: 12v 120 ah lead-acid batteries
Battery Quantity: 4 pcs
Container QTY 60 pcs/40’HQ


auto e rickshaw qsd
auto e rickshaw qsd
electric motor tricycle
electric motor tricycle
electric passenger tricycle
electric passenger tricycle

1 . Why are we trustworthy? why should you trust us ?

Motor is our own QSD brand water proof brushless motor .whose proformance has been approved good in India market. Our controller

Battery is TN brand battery battery 12v 120ah ,top class quality battery we have warranty for 18 months (life time:500-600cycles)

Full aluminum shock absorber is more comfortable for drivers .

Body and chassis material  from shougang from shougang group ,tube wall thicness is 2.00mm, high accuracy WEDM technology no offset ,which can ensure strong body and solid chassis .

Product warranty battery and motor 18 months;body and chassis 3 year.

2.What’s payment terms ?

30%advace payments ,70%balance paid before loading  container.

3.What’s MOQ?

60 ps /40’HQ

4. How check the quality of auto rickshaw for sale ?

square tubes steel  triangle for the carriage beams.

chassis steel thickness  average over 2.00mm

motor and controller rand :QSD

rear axle brand : QSD

type brand :BIS tire

5. Delivery time ?

15-20 days after received buyer’ advance payment.

Welcome to visit us whatsapp: +8618201208641 or whatsapp: +8615831616682




2019 Newest Model Battery Operated Three Wheel E Rickshaw from QSD

e rickshaw

2019 Newest Medel Battery Operated Three Wheel E Rickshaw

Product Photo:

e rickshaw
e auto rickshaw

Basic Parameter:

Use For: Passenger
Driving Type: Electric
Body Type: Open
Certification: CCC
Power: 501 – 800W
Voltage: 48v
Brand Name: QS
Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
Size: 2800*1000*1800mm
Motor type: DC series excitation brushless
Power (watt): 48V/800W—1000W
Continued Trip Mileage: ≤70km
Top Speed (km/h): ≤35km/h
Climbing Ability: ≤20degree
Charging Time: 6-10Hours
Charge Voltage: 220V,50HZ
Cetificate: CCC
N.W: 210kg (not including battery)
Max Load Capacity: ≤400kg

1.Battery rickshaw or battery operated electric rickshaw are environment friendly rickshaws .

2.Newest model battery operated electric rickshaw don’t create neither noise pollution nor air pollution.

3.Our battery operated electric rickshaw are very spacious for passengers.

4.Our battery operated electric rickshaw have luxurious & comfortable seats with a strong body and chassis.

5.Battery operated electric rickshaw are very easy to operate and maintain. Only a very nominal battery charging fees is required on daily basis

passenger auto rickshaw
passenger auto rickshaw

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