2019 New Model Two-Passenger Rickshaw with Roof


Whole Size
Loading Capacity
2 passengers and 1 driver
Max 35 km/h
Angle 15 degree
48v 600w to 900w BLDC motor
18 mosfet tube controller
dia37mm front shock absorber and rear leaf spring

Two seaters’ Electric Tricycle  SERVICES

1. Market and Technical support email within 24 hours

2. You can order your own configuration

A:motor B:controller C:battery

D:charger E:tricycle wheel size F: leaf spring G:logo H: Headlights I: Speedometer

3. One and a half years warranty for brand motor and battery.

4. 3 years warranty for electric auto rickshaw frame (chassis).

5. We have excellent after-sale services & spare parts supply. We will give you a CD to show you how to assemble electric tricycle. If any unclear, you can also contact us. And free 2%- 5% easily damaged parts for motorized electric three wheeler tricycle.

Factory introduction
Xianghe Qiangsheng electric tricycle factory established in 2006,located

in Xianghe country Langfang city. We have gained CCC certification and CE


High Quality:We have two excellent skills,electrophoresis paint and tricycels with a

automobile frame,which help us produce high quality battery rickshaws.

Supply Ability:We can produce 500 sets per day,so we can promise largely and timely supply.

International Market:Till April 2013 we has alreadybuild stable supply Chain in Asia, MiddleEast

Asian, Africa, South America, Australia, Europe and India.

professional R&D Team

Qiangsheng has an experienced R&D team, we can scheduled develop the

model and technology to Keep Up With the Times.

If you are interested in any of the battery rickshaws ,please contact us

and we will do our best to meet your requirments .Thank you !

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