Eco Friendly cargo tricycle Open Body for Passengers

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Eco Friendly cargo tricycle Open Body for Passengers 

Model No.
QS-Z8electric tricycle electric tricycle electric tricycle electric tricycle electric tricycle
48v 800w BLDC motor e rickshaw e rickshaw e rickshaw e rickshaw e rickshaw
24 tube controller
Transmission mode
Max speed
40km/h e rickshaw e rickshaw e rickshaw e rickshaw e rickshaw
Shock absorption dia
Brake type
double rear drum brake
Max mileage
6 persons  including drivere ricks inhaw e rickshaw e rickshaw e rickshaw e rickshaw
Grade ability
20 degree e rickshaw
Wheel size
3.5-12  e rickshaw e rickshaw e rickshaw e rickshaw e rickshaw 
Quantity per container
21pcs/20’GP  54 pcs/40HQ

Eco Friendly cargo tricycle Open Body for Passengers details images Eco Friendly cargo tricycle Open Body for Passengers Packing & Delivery

Eco Friendly Electric Auto Rickshaw For Sale

Usually we packing CKD. All spare parts of battery rickshaws for passenger are packing by bubble films or cartons.

Welcome consulting

To check our passenger auto rickshaw plant only take 1.5 hours from Beijing International Capital Airport.  Welcome visiting!  Call me/Whatsapp Lynn 008618201208641

e loader 9 points

Key Points for Identify A Trust Worthy Vehicle

8 Points from Qiangsheng
A: Checking chassis front girder 3.5 t load bearing chassis dragon front girder(Exclusive patent of Qiangsheng)

Character: There’s rib reinforcement inside the chassis dragon front girder, which can bear 3.5t loading weight, much better than common front girder of 1.5t load bearing. Users will lost their lifes if the chassis front girder broke. Qiangsheng takes users safety as the first import thing when design and production!

B: Checking rear axle double load bearing outset rear axle (Quality Produced ourselves)

Characters: 1. The outset structure design improve the loading capacity of our rear axle, which is twice of common rear axle.
2. High accuracy differential axle assembling. Qiangsheng uses its own differential bolt torsion machines which make the brake disk assembling a good fixing.
3. Cold-rolling technology of rear axle production make the rear axle stronger inside, avoiding gear slipping and broken.
4. Rear axle tube Qiangsheng choose weld less tube from Shougang.
5.Bold Spline, Qiangsheng choose 17.2mm rear axle spline, which is 0.4mm bolder than common rear axle spline, having longer life span.

C: Checking shock absorber Every choosing of shock absorber needs more than 30,000 destructive testing. ( strict choosing by Qiangsheng)

Character 1. No corrosion within 3 years. The surface treatment of our shock absorber is 7 levels electroplating with 2 times nickel plating and 1 time chromeplating. Common shock absorber surface treatment is only 2 levels electroplating and 1 time chromeplating.
2. The inspissate aluminum tube is not easy to break The aluminum tubes that Qiangsheng use is casted so there’s no porosity and not easy to break. Common aluminum tube is pressuring casted, which increase the risk of porosity and break.
3. Longer and bolder spring for the shock absorber make the driving more comfortable. The spring of our shock absorber has max 45 rings comparing the common 34 rings.
4.High quality oil pressure piston rod produced by 17 steps processing technic, which has good gas tightness, high strength grease-proof seal ring.
5.Sealing up under layer 8.8mm high strength screws.

D .Checking the steel body. Integrated stamping forming steel body (No welding design and production technology from Qiangsheng)

Character: Integrated stamping forming assuring no welding point on the steel bottom plate, there’s several strengthen ribs to assure the firm and no shape changing of the steel body.

E. Checking the chassis No welding point on side of chassis ( providing better loading capacity with no welding technology from Qiangsheng)F. Checking the motor and controller 30% extra power motor and controller ( core technology from Qiangsheng)Eco Friendly cargo tricycle Open Body for Passengers factory

Best Quality Eco Friendly Electric Auto Rickshaw For Sale  

We are electric tricycle or e rickshaw manufacturer with CCC certificate in Qiangwang Industry,Xianghe, Hebei, China.

We’ve exported e-rickshaw for about 5 years. Our high quality passenger type e rickshaws QS-D series are exported to India with 200000+ pcs.
Our Brand Qiangsheng is well know in Kolkata,India. rickshaw india
Auto rickshaws have more advantage in high petrol cost countries such as India, Indonesia,Philippines and Pakistan etc. Combining with its eco friendly advantage it is much suitable for high temperature area and tourist views.
We have 10 staff for e rickshaw new models R&D and 400 workers specially for e rickshaw three wheeler industry.
We are building new plant for electric 4 wheeler beside our traditional e rickshaw plants ( 50000 sqm).
Our long term cooperated shipping forwarder provide us best service and most competitive price.
These made us advantage goods and service for our customers in Southeast Asia and South America.
Please feel free to contact us for your e rickshaw/electric tricycle business.

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