How To Get the E Rickshaw Dealership?

Features of an E-Rickshaw

What distinguishes an e-rickshaw from a typical car or manual rickshaw? An E-rickshaw is a vehicle that meets the requirements of the Motor Vehicles Act 2014 and the Motor Vehicles Act 2015.

  • The three-wheeled special-purpose battery-powered vehicle can carry no more than four passengers (excluding the driver) or 40 kg of cargo in total.
  • The highest motor capacity is 4000 Watts, and the maximum speed limit is 25 km/hr.

Benefits of an E-Rickshaw

Low maintenance

When compared to auto-rickshaws, the cost of maintenance for electric rickshaws is substantially lower. The vehicle’s spare parts are likewise not exclusive and can be obtained from any place depending on the requirements.

Suitable for connectivity

E-rickshaws are appropriate for rural locations with small roadways. E-rickshaws are used in rural and village regions to get to major towns and cities. It also has a larger turning radius, making it more suitable for high-traffic areas.

Opportunities for employment creation

On Indian roadways, more than a million and a half E-rickshaws are in use, boosting employment.

Why should you start an E-rickshaw company in India?

If you’re still not convinced that E-rickshaws are the next big thing in India, here are some selected data from multiple studies that demonstrate the e-rickshaw industry’s performance and prospective growth.

  • Every month, around 11,000 new E-rickshaws are purchased in India.
  • In 2021, it is expected that annual sales will increase by 9%.
  • The electric vehicle sector in India is dominated by e-rickshaws, which have an 80% market share.
  • Over 935.5 thousand units are expected to be sold by the year 2024.

So now, if you have already set your heart to do this business, then let’s know the requirements and the ways to achieve it.

E-Rickshaw dealership requirements

Space requirements

  • For E-Rickshaws minimum requirement of the space is 400 sq. feet, while for E-scooter, it is 200 sq. feet.
  • Seating for at least 3-4 people is required in VLEs.
  • Basic amenities include male and female restrooms, drinking water for visitors, a first-aid kit, and a Type-A fire extinguisher.
  • A person with good marketing skills and a strong technical background is required.


How To Get the E Rickshaw Dealership?

Use Google and some b2b website to find the E Rickshaw




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