Chinese-made electric tricycles are popular overseas: “grounded gas” manufacturing goes to sea

Electric tricycles have become a “traffic play” in foreign countries, in addition to the spread of social media, the cost performance of the product itself is an important reason for foreign consumers. Electric tricycles are light, small and adaptable, and can be “like walking on the ground” in rural roads or difficult sections where large trucks and pickups cannot enter. At the same time, compared with large vehicles such as trucks, which require higher operating ability and driving experience, the driving threshold of electric tricycles is low and the safety factor is high, so long as you turn the handle and tread the brakes, you can easily travel.

Electric tricycles go abroad, reflecting the ability and potential of Chinese manufacturing to go to sea. The product can finally be accepted by the market, the cost performance is only one aspect, but the more important is what the product meets the needs of consumers. Although the electric tricycle is labeled with “soil flavor”, its internal motor, transmission shaft, hydraulic vibration reduction and other “black technology” is just as many.

Domestic manufacturers in order to improve the market share of products, in addition to ensuring the scientific and technological content of electric tricycle, but also warmly take care of the personalized and diversified needs of foreign consumers, multi-language systems, makeup mirrors, small fans, LED taillights, local LOGO and other humanized design, so that foreign consumers see the “sincerity full” of “domestic goods”. From self-driving travel to loading and unloading, made in China is constantly conquering global consumers with its “internal hard power of science and technology + external humanized design”.

Post time: May-20-2024