• Why did the price of three wheel electric tricycle rise sharply?

    On February 2, 2022, the Winter Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, China. In order to welcome the smooth holding of the Winter Olympic Games, heavy polluting enterprises in North China will be limited and stopped production, and the cost of three wheel electric tricycles will rise sharply. ...
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  • Why is there a large demand for electric vehicles?

    As a commuter and related personnel, you also realize that in the face of traffic congestion or unreliable buses, electric vehicles greatly improve our commuting speed and save time.   Of course, people have different needs for various vehicles because of their different needs. If small groups ...
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  • Top ten selling points of Qiangsheng(QSD ) electric vehicle

    Qiangsheng electric rickshaw frame is designed according to the design principle of automobile light truck. It is square steel structure to make the frame more stable. It is more durable, and the front of the frame design will be about 1-3cm lower than the back. After the battery is installed,...
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  • Process equipment of Qiangsheng(QSD) electric tricycle

    Why are the products of Qiangsheng electric vehicle so popular and the quality has been internationally recognized? Let’s analyze it from the production equipment. As you think, these equipment improve production efficiency and make products standardized, mechanized and professional. In t...
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  • Why power rationing?

    In the face of increasingly serious environmental problems, we always adhere to the development concept that Jinshan and Yinshan are green rivers and mountains. We must take a series of measures to protect our earth home. This article talks about our power rationing policy.    The Chinese govern...
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  • Qiangsheng (QSD) produce Joy series electric tuk tuk

    I think commuters  who has ever suffered through a traffic-infused can agree that there are just too many cars out there. And while it’d be great to take a pile of cars off the road in one fell swoop, that’s easier said than done. while we take a deep dive into this conspicuous joy electric auto...
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  • New energy electric auto rickshaw will become the mainstream

    Environmental and ecological problems have always been our concern and urgent need to be solved. It has become an inevitable trend for vehicles to turn fuel to new energy.   Much activity has been going on in the electric  tricycle segment in India. The government’s promise of making Indian road...
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  • QSD new elecctric tuk tuk recommendation

    Qiangsheng  Group, has launched the new joy sports electric rickshaw  three wheeler rickshaw for the whole world today. QSD have been launched – 3 seater with new front face . The electric  auto rickshaw  are produced at company plant in Qiangsheng factory . It launch follows the joy 1+3 Moto ta...
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  • The Concept DJ-11 isn’t a scooter, but it’s not a motorcycle, either. QS thinks this is just the foot for adults

    The Concept DJ-11 isn’t a scooter, but it’s not a motorcycle, either. QS thinks this is just the foot  for adults  This thing’s pretty cool and useful DJ-11 Motorrad Electric bikes and scooters are having their moment around the world. and more and more people  like these ,  the...
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  • Power Global eyes auto-rickshaw sector with swappable batteries

    Power Global, a two-year-old startup, wants to disrupt the auto rickshaw market by offering a retrofit kit for diesel-powered vehicles and swappable battery pack to transition the more common lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion.   The company wants to launch on the outskirts of New Delhi, Na...
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  • How To Get the E Rickshaw Dealership?

    Features of an E-Rickshaw What distinguishes an e-rickshaw from a typical car or manual rickshaw? An E-rickshaw is a vehicle that meets the requirements of the Motor Vehicles Act 2014 and the Motor Vehicles Act 2015. The three-wheeled special-purpose battery-powered vehicle can carry no more tha...
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  • Change a small workshop to a large factory

    The concept of protecting the environment and protecting our common home is in-depth. The word new energy is increasingly accepted by people all over the world. Electric vehicles based on electricity have stepped onto the historical stage. The advantages of electric tricycle are becoming more and...
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