Beautiful exhibition from Qiangsheng Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The long-awaited exhibition hall of high-end, atmospheric and high-grade electric tricycles with a cost of more than¥ 100000 was officially launched. Let’s take a look at his effect

Through the application of optical elements in the new exhibition hall, the taste of the exhibition hall will rise to a new level. There are two rooms in the exhibition hall, one of which is the vehicle display workshop. On the east side of this room is the introduction of our company, on the west side is a map of the world, and on the north and south sides are our processes, services, etc. in this room, we put our popular vehicles (only some vehicles are displayed for the sake of customer privacy). We produce electric tricycles (including electric tricycle truck and passenger rickshaw cleaning vehicles), Leisure Series Mini tricycle (with foldable rear seat), electric two wheeled scooter and so on.


In the other room is our large turntable, which allows customers to see the effect of the car 360 degrees. The wall design also pursues the feeling of comfort and spaciousness


How can there be no music in such a high-end and high-grade exhibition hall? It’s true that Bluetooth on mobile phones has the same effect as that on our electric vehicles. Soothing music makes us more relaxed. Can’t wait to see such a multi-functional exhibition hall. If your time and place are suitable, welcome to visit our exhibition hall of Qiangsheng Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Post time: May-13-2022

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