An Asteroid with A Diameter Of About 1.77 Kilometers Will Pass The Earth

Recently, many media released news that an asteroid with a diameter of about 1.77 kilometers will pass the earth this week, which will also be the largest asteroid close to the earth this year. Moreover, the asteroid runs very fast and can circle the earth in 45 minutes. What does that mean? This asteroid has also created a sense of crisis around the world, and many countries have established defense mechanisms. Countries have carried out as perfect a defense mechanism as possible. What can the general public do?

Personally, I think you can ride your beloved electric tricycle to reserve some food, drinking water, etc. just in case, but you don’t need to reserve too much. You can’t save too much in summer. There are a lot of enough for yourself for 3-5 days. The current reports are only about asteroids passing over the earth’s surface, and the specific impact is still being tracked. However, countries are also preparing their own defense mechanisms accordingly.

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We are all aware of a problem: our mother earth needs us all over the world to maintain. In terms of transportation, electric vehicles that replace fuel are becoming more and more popular. We know that we are all moving towards protecting the earth.We know that we are all moving towards protecting the earth.

But don’t worry too much about this asteroid. It will pass over the earth. However, we can’t stop taking environmental protection measures. Apart from convenient transportation, what feasible actions can we take to improve our environment? Welcome to discuss.

Post time: May-28-2022