Electric tricycle sea, the “new figure” in the new energy car track


Recently, a short video of “the sound of a domestic tricycle reversing on American Avenue” rushed to the hot search. It is reported that Wu Bo, a Chinese girl, gave a domestic electric tricycle to her father-in-law in the United States as a gift, which was well received by her family. After the tricycle hit the road, it also gained local onlookers and consultations.
“It’s not that pickup trucks can’t afford it, but electric tricycles are more cost-effective.” Chinese “tricycle” is popular on the streets of foreign countries. The reporter noted that in recent years, with the advantage of the domestic industry, domestic electric vehicles are accelerating to sea, becoming an important force in the global new energy vehicle track “three wheels” sea heat.
Orders are surging and the market is bullish
Mr. Zhu, head of a domestic tricycle export agency, told reporters that in the past two years, similar videos often appear on overseas social platforms, setting off a wave of domestic electric tricycle sales heat, “in addition to the United States, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regional market sales have increased year by year, to single customization is becoming a highlight.”
The reporter noted that in recent years, the video of domestic electric vehicles such as electric three wheels going to sea is not rare, behind the video not only reflects the improvement of China’s soft power and hard power, but also reflects the active transformation and upgrading of China’s electric vehicle enterprises and the increasingly strong industrial strength. Relevant agency statistics show that at present, the global electric tricycle market size shows a steady expansion trend, 2023, the global electric tricycle market sales reached 61.86 billion yuan, is expected to reach 149.89 billion yuan in 2030, the Asia-Pacific region as the world’s largest market, 2023 accounting for 90% of the market share. According to the data released by the General Administration of Customs, China has surpassed Japan to become the world’s largest electric tricycle supplier.

Post time: Jun-03-2024