How to transport 900 kg goods in a lower cost, more environmentally friendly and faster way

Fuel truck
Yes, the oil truck has enough power and runs fast, but it’s very polluting, noisy and Higher consumption cost for only 900kg goods .

Why can not you reject unnecessary wastage?

How to choose?
Look look look QSD 1.5m electric tricycle for cargo
The three wheel electric truck size is length * width 1500*1000. yes Small volume and large capacity, the 1.5 e rickshaw for cargo can load 900kgs goods.

It has no energy in climbing, what!!! you are wrong.

QSD 1.5 electric auto rickshaw for cargo have a gear change design,it can climb more than 30 degrees. When you transport the climbing by Loading 1.5 electric three wheel tuk tuk , you don’t have to worry about the problem that it can’t climb. We use the power of e rickshaw spare parts , the soil is like a flat ground

With a metal roof design, Appearance of the electric adult tricycle is not only beautiful and fashionable, but also waterproof and sunscreen. The 1.5 electric vehicles for adult can match with lithium iron battery and lead-acid battery. It is full of power, running yuan, heavy load, climbing ability, low noise, and meets the requirements of global environmental protection. You are worth having QSD the electric adult pedal vehicle.

Where is the electric cargo tricycle from?
It is Qiangsheng Group CO.,LTD We are located in xianghe county ,langfang city, hebei province ,China. The company is Professtional enterprise that specializing in electric tricycle R&D, production ,sales ,trading and spare parts service.
Where are the 1.5 e cargo factory?
Yes, We are professional tricycle factory, best price best product(three wheel electric tricycle )
Is the electric vehicle factory famous?

QSD is our trademark and has trademark rights in some countries.

How to contact the factory?

Sales Manager :jeff cao + 8615030611128

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