Jiaolong recreational vehicle has been upgraded and returned to glory.

jiaolong upgraded recreational vehicle is upgraded on the original basis

Qiangsheng leisure series Jiaolong electric vehicle has been upgraded and returned to glory.First, let’s take a look at the basic configuration of this car

Continue the ultra silent sine wave motor and waterproof and anti sliding slope controller equipped in the whole system to ensure your safety

High spotlight lens headlights have a long range and are safer to travel at night

Front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers are comfortable to travel without bumps



Continue the design of braking and “P” gear, making travel safer

Automotive foam cushion with high density, high resilience, long sitting and no deformation, bringing you a more comfortable riding experience

What upgrades and changes have been made to the Jiaolong model after its return

First, the upgrade enlarges the front small box to meet your more storage needs

The upgraded Jiaolong has added a new baby to meet your different life needs

Adjustable front backrest makes it easier for rear passengers to get on and off


The second is the addition of foldable storage, which is easy to use and easy to retract

The upgraded Jiaolong has beautiful appearance and strong storage. It can help you a lot in your life

Post time: Jun-15-2022