More comfortable, more spacious, faster and more stable joy 1 + 6 electric tricycle for passenger is coming

What is 1+6? why is joy ?
1driver +6 passenger ,the e rickshaw for drivers and passengers to enjoy because more comfortable, more spacious, faster and more stable

More comfortable, more spacious

The larger size and the better appearance make three wheel bajaj tuk tuk more spacious and comfortable for passengers and driver.

Comfortable cushion, so that long-term driving drivers do not feel tired and passengers are very comfortable by joy 1+6 electric rickshaw for passenger.

More stable
The independent suspension system of cng auto rickshaw greatly reduces the vibration amplitude in driving and has good shock absorption effect

Beautiful appearance

The appearance design of joy 1+6 electric adult rickshaw pursues high-end atmosphere, high-grade, beautiful, in line with the customer’s pursuit, solid iron gives people the feeling of steadiness and reliability

The 48V 5000W motor, equipped with lithium battery, is full of power, can run farther and faster, and has good climbing ability. QSD Joy 1+6 can climb a high slope of more than 45 degrees, and when parking during climbing, it will stop at the same place and will not slide down to the slope.Full power, fast running, greatly in line with people’s pursuit of time, reduce the road time cost, save more time, create greater value

Where is the electric cargo tricycle from?
It is Qiangsheng Group CO.,LTD We are located in xianghe county ,langfang city, hebei province ,China. The company is Professtional enterprise that specializing in electric tricycle R&D, production ,sales ,trading and spare parts service.
Where are the 1.5 e cargo factory?
Yes, We are professional tricycle factory, best price best product´╝łthree wheel electric tricycle )
Is the electric vehicle factory famous?

QSD is our trademark and has trademark rights in some countries.

How to contact the factory?

Sales Manager :jeff cao + 8615030611128

Welcome to contact and visit us,

Post time: Jul-31-2021