QSD new elecctric tuk tuk recommendation

Qiangsheng  Group, has launched the new joy sports electric rickshaw  three wheeler rickshaw for the whole world today.

QSD have been launched – 3 seater with new front face .

The electric  auto rickshaw  are produced at company plant in Qiangsheng factory .

It launch follows the joy 1+3 Moto taxi launched in QIANGSHENG  (QSD)last year .

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Joy- sports  electric three wheeler use soft top and offer Telematics technology which enhances connected features to monitor range and charging status.

The joy-sports  electric vehicles use the latest lithium-ion battery technology which is more durable, lasts longer and present low maintenance options as compared to other similar batteries.


The joy sports electric tuk tuk measures 2800mm in length, 1,350mm in widht and 1800mm in height and net weight of 340 kgs.

The traffic jam is not a problem because the tuk-tuks work particularly well on narrow streets and neglected roads on which other vehicles often get stuck.

After many data acquisition experiments, his speed and mileage are guaranteed

It adopts a hydraulic brake and allowing for a top speed of 45 km/h.

Charging time is 3 hours and 50 minutes to offer a range of 110 kms on a single charge. 



The e auto cargo provide alternative income source for many cash-strapped 

The electric rickshaw provide many of us with employment opportunities that many people can live and work in peace 

The e auto rickshaw price is cheaper and amount paid for ride as a passenger  is also much cheaper compared to traditional taxis

This Moto taxi can go anywhere in the region.

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Post time: Oct-13-2021

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